Celebrating 35 years of scaring!

Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors has long been known for being a fairly extreme Halloween attraction. Doing things that no other Scare attraction will do. Over the years we have produced almost everything scary you can think of.

We started in 1983, making us the first Scare Attraction in the UK.

We are now celebrating 35 years of scaring. That’s a long time.

Original 1983 Poster

Our first poster from 1983

Halloween Horrors was started by a handful of volunteers at Fort Amherst raising money for charity to keep the historic English Heritage site open and to this day it is still run by volunteers raising money for charity. we now have around 200 volunteers all dedicated to scaring you.

We are starting our scaring this year on the 25th October and continuing up to 31st October.

In 2015 we won an award from Scare tour for Outstanding achievement in scare entertainment, so come and help us celebrate our 35th year which no other scare attraction has done in the UK and have some fun with the Freaks of Fort Amherst